Best Diet for Pregnant Women

Healthy pregnancy is the primary demand of every woman and it depends largely on the food one takes. Food is one determinant factor in pregnancy and maximum women fright about the food they are taking as they are having next to no knowledge about what food they should take and what food item is having […]

The Most Common Addictions and Their Dangers

Drugs as well addictions can often cause dangers in one’s life. To avoid this, one should take a strict precaution before consuming drugs and then making it an addiction! Well, here are the top 10 addictions with their dangers! Tobacco Nicotine fixation may not show up as being as destructive as many of the other […]

Putting Together a Beautiful Arm Party

Putting Together a Beautiful Arm Party Are you the type of woman who likes to show off her fashion sense, at every available opportunity? If this is the case, you probably already know that there are a variety of different accessories, which can be used to show off your sense of style. Of course, some […]

Best Drinking Games

8). High, Low, Blackout: This is a game my buddies and I came up with at Xavier. This drinking game gets you messed up. Ok, you need a deck of cards and people who want to take beer down like it’s going out of style. Sit in a circle and one person is suppose to […]

8 Things I Hate

by Nick 1. Hippies – Let’s get something straight. You have a trust fund and smoke pot all day while complaining how bad this country is. News flash pal, if you got off your ass and worked the country would be better. Eventually your trust fund will run out and you will have to work, […]

8 Greatest Bourbons

Sent in to us from Nick 1. Jack Daniels Who doesn’t like this stuff? Probably the most popular drink in the world. Still owned and operated in Tennessee in the good old US of A. 2. Maker’s Mark aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! That’s all I need to say. This stuff is delicious! Still made in oak barrels in […]

Top 8 College Foods

After minimizing my efforts in graduating college (i.e. moving off campus, not signing up for classes), I got to thinking about the great array of food that I had ingested while living on campus.  Here are my Top 8 Foods:   #8.)   Pizza Rolls – you can never go wrong with these things #7.)   Hot Pockets […]

Top 8 Items for the Grill

As the grilling season comes to an end (for some), I wanted to put together the best items for the grill.   By the way, if I can still see the grill outside, it’s still ok to use it. 8.)  Peaches/Mango (any kind of passion fruit):   Peaches and mangos are great on the grill, especially for desserts.  Add some vanilla ice […]

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