8 Girls I would do Naughty Things to

8. Rebecca Romijn
Sure, she’s marrying the fat kid from Stand By Me, but that just makes her cooler and gives hope to fat kids everywhere. I mean seriously, who else could still be insanely hot while covered in in scales and blue paint?

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt
A couple of years ago, she would have ranked much higher on my list, but lately there’s just been a lot more talent cropping up while Ms. Hewitt has been out of the limelight. She’s a halfway decent actress, and gets bonus points for portraying Audrey Hepburn in a movie.

6. Scarlett Johansson
A beauty that’s matched only by her abilities. It’s funny to think that a mere couple months before she won critical praise for Lost in Translation, she was playing the bitchy older sister in a throwaway role in 8 Legged Freaks. I also love that she’s ushering the ideal back in that women can be gorgeous and not be rail thin. She’s still young too so hopefully we’ll have many quality years ahead of Ms. Johansson ahead of us.

5. Vanessa Marcil
I’ve been in love with her ever since she had the role of Nick Cage’s girlfriend in The Rock. I have such a thing for pigtails too, so that whole sex scene with the Beatles playing in the back ground was the things dreams were made of for a High School Junior.

4. Jessica Alba
I knew great things were coming from Ms. Alba all the way back in the Flipper days. She’s grown up to be quite the hottie. In the past couple of years alone we’ve seen her in skintight leather jumpsuits, a cowgirl stripper outfit, a superhero costume and a bikini. Here’s to many more years of extremely slutty outfits.

3. Keira Knightley
I remember telling a friend of mine after seeing Bend it Like Beckham, probably about 9 months before Pirates of The Caribbean came out, that in a year everyone would be talking about Keira Knightley. Sure enough she’s now everyone’s favorite tom-boy. But I called it first, so I’ve got dibs.

2. Angelina Jolie
I don’t care what she’s done in the past to who, I would let her break me. She can be classy and refined yet wel all know she’s just an animal. It’s like her tattoos, she can keep them under wraps, or let them fly. The police were actually called to a hotel in Africa where she and Brad Pitt were staying because they were making too much noise in the bedroom. I want that.

1. Shakira
My love for Shakira is a running joke among my friends. I have such a thing for latin girls, so an extremely hot latin girl that went to school to become a nun, studied belly dancing and now is a famous singer, well, that’s just my kryptonite.

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