8 Greatest Bourbons

Sent in to us from Nick

1. Jack Daniels
Who doesn’t like this stuff? Probably the most popular drink in the world. Still owned and operated in Tennessee in the good old US of A.

2. Maker’s Mark
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! That’s all I need to say. This stuff is delicious! Still made in oak barrels in Bourbon County Kentucky. If you go an visit the distillery you can have a barrel of this stuff made with your name on it. The wax seal at the top sets it apart from all other Bourbons. Try it with sprite, water, or on the rocks with all slice of lime! (Don’t use Coke. It is too strong and overwhelms the flavor). Although this is my favorite drink in the entire world, it drops to #2 because they sold out to an English company. DAMNIT

3. Crown Royal
So smooth. So smooth. Plus it has a nifty bottle with a nice bag that can hold loose change. It would appear that the crazy Canadians up north finally got something right.

4. Jim Beam
This is a middle of the road Bourbon. Supposedly still uses the same recipe from 1870’s, but it is so mainstream and cheap I would beg to differ. Still a good Bourbon and a nice bottle. Thanks Kid Rock!

5. Wild Turkey
Holy shit, this will make you have a short night. By far the most potent of my list, standing at 101 proof. I have heard the commercials and I don’t think someone who is with their friends would say “Oh man that was a great story, let’s have some Wild Turkey” Well anyway, I can’t really taste this stuff because it has so much alcohol in. Gobble Gobble Gobble!

6. Knob Creek
Basically a Maker’s Mark knock off. This stuff just doesn’t taste that good, and few people mix this with anything. Most of my friends just give it to someone for their birthday.

7. Evan Williams
This stuff has a taste of leather! The bottle looks like Jack Daniels. Come on Heaven Hill! This is your flagship Bourbon. Get with the program.

8. Kentucky Gentlemen
I am sorry, but I just vomited in my mouth. Why spend your money on this cheep stuff. Why not just buy malt licker and get it over with. This stuff is cheap and tastes cheap. At least get some Jack!

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