Best Drinking Games

8). High, Low, Blackout:

This is a game my buddies and I came up with at Xavier. This drinking game gets you messed up. Ok, you need a deck of cards and people who want to take beer down like it’s going out of style. Sit in a circle and one person is suppose to hold the deck throughout the game. Start to the right of the dealer and that person has to perdict the next card. They have a choice of predicting if the next card flipped is higher/lower than the card shown. Now this is where the game gets crazy, the person can call a BLACKOUT. What this means is that your saying the next card flipped over is a Ace. If you get it wrong chug your beer. If your right you can pick any person in the circle to finish their beer. This game gets crazy, we were all throwing up by the end of the deck because we kept calling Blackout. Great game!

7).  I Never

I’m sure everyone has played this game,it’s a fun one. It’s best played when you have a big group of both men and women. All you do is make a crazy statement like “I never had a three-way with two girls”. If you have you have to drink, and that usually leads to a story. Once everyone has some beers in them, the game gets pretty wild.

6). Kings 

This game is fun, one of my favorites. Basically all you do is get a cup and place it in the middle of the table. Take a deck of cards and spread them out around the cup. Now everybody has different rules to this game. Here are mine. 2-5, give drinks out however you want to do it. 6 is thumbrule, this is the best. The person who draws the 6 has the power of the thumb. Keep on playing the game but pay attention to the person who has the thumbrule. This person can place his thumb anywhere he/she wants. Once their thumb is placed everyone playing has to put their thumb exactly how the he/she has it. The last person to notice where the thumb is placed has to drink. 7 is drink right,8 is drink left. 9 is rhyme time. Each person has to rhyme a phrase that someone starts out, if you get it wrong or can’t think of anything, drink! 10 is catagories. The person who drawed the 10 has to give a catagory like Condoms. Each person has to name a type of condom, person who repeats or can’t think of one has to drink. Jack is give out a beer to chug. Queen is waterfall. Ace is a social. Everyone raise their glasses and cheers. Everyone that draws the King has to pour some of their beer in the middle cup, the last person to draw the forth king the game is over and they have to chug the cup in the middle.

5). Strip Poker

I recommend this game being played when your highly intoxicated. Also, play with the opposite sex or the game would get a little weird. At least for me.

4). Power Hour

 The best way to play this game is with a power hour CD. Basically their are 60 songs on the cd each a minute long. At the end of the minute a voice would come on like “UMMMMMM Beer”. Take a chug and the next song starts. After the hour is up you will be pretty drunk.

3). Beer Pong

Great college game, we had touraments all the time. You need a ping-pong table, four people, two ping-pong balls and six cups a person. Stack your cups pyramid style in front of you and let the balls rip. The team who takes out the cups first wins.

2). Flip Cup

This game can get wild. You need two teams of four or more. Each person has a cup in front of them with a beer in it. Once the game has started one person from each team starts to chug and then they need to flip the cup on the table. Once they complete this it moves on to the next person. Team who finishes first wins.

1). Beer Guy 

Hands down the best drinking game ever. You need four people (Two People to a Team) a table and a dice. Everyone is sitting down at each corner of the table with a full beer in their cup. One person takes the dice and throws it up above the oppents head. The dice has to hit at their half of the table. You have to catch the dice as it falls off the table if you drop it the team who has thrown it gets a point. First to five win by two. If you throw the dice up and it lands in the oppents cup, chug the beer. | 502: Bad gateway

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