Top 8 Dog Treats

Does anyone else feel guilty when you walk by the Pet isle, in any store, and don’t pickup anything for Fido?  I do.  Spoiled little dog……so cute……but so expensive……..any way, here are the Top 8 Treats that my little Pooper gets. 8.)   Pup Corn:  I found this at Petsmart a couple months ago, it comes […]

8 Stupid Things People Try to Get Away With (and some people actually fall for)

OK, sometimes you have to say to yourself “Are you kidding me?” These are 8 of those times. “Cooking in HD” Someone actually (allegedly) shrinkwrapped old oven doors and was selling them as flat widscreen TVs. OH! and check out his floor tiles…. I mean laptops! 7) “MOMMY! can I have an X-Game 360 AND a PowerStation […]

8 TV SitComs Canceled WAY too soon

OK. I have listed the non-sitcoms canceled way too soon out there. Now here are the sitcoms. (I still blame Luke for some of these) War at Home (Fox) – 2 Seasons – It was a comedy involving a family in the same vien as “The Simpsons” or “Married With Children”.  I was skeptical about this show at the […]

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