Top 8 College Foods

After minimizing my efforts in graduating college (i.e. moving off campus, not signing up for classes), I got to thinking about the great array of food that I had ingested while living on campus.  Here are my Top 8 Foods:


#8.)   Pizza Rolls – you can never go wrong with these things

#7.)   Hot Pockets – no matter how long you nuke ‘em they’re always hot as lava on the end and frozen in the middle

#6.)   Jimmy John’s – I know that I ate there almost every week because of the wrapper’s laying around, but I can’t remember a single time that I went in there sober……

#5.)   Campbell’s Soup Stolen from Home – We all go shopping at our parent’s house whenever we go home, but the soup seemed to be the main item that I always brought home.  Mmm, mmm.

#4.)   Red Baron Frozen Pizza – 2 for $3 at Kroger most of the time, I think it’s one of the greatest frozen pizza’s of all time

#3.)   Beef Taquitos – another frozen favorite, usually stolen from home, that comes with about 60 of the things in a box.  Granted you have to eat about 10 of them at a time to fill up, they’re still good with salsa and/or sour cream

#2.)   Corner Store Steaks – if any of you know anything about Clifton, right in the middle of Ravine St. there is a little place called the Ravine Street Market.  They have a small deli in the back that sells some AWESOME New York Strip steaks.  Grab a steak, a couple of 40’s and you’re in for a great night.  They also have an 18 pack of PBR (in bottles) for 8 bucks, we call it the Flora St. Special.

#1)   Ramen Noodle – there isn’t a house, dorm, cardboard box on campus that doesn’t have a few of these on the shelf.

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