Top 8 Items for the Grill

As the grilling season comes to an end (for some), I wanted to put together the best items for the grill.   By the way, if I can still see the grill outside, it’s still ok to use it.

8.)  Peaches/Mango (any kind of passion fruit):   Peaches and mangos are great on the grill, especially for desserts.  Add some vanilla ice cream and you’ve got a quick and easy treat!

7.)   Deer Roast:  Luckily my family always has a stockpile of deer meat in the freezer.  For some, deer (venison) is an acquired taste, but once you try it you’ll be hooked.

6.)   Veggies:  So much better than throwing them in a pot and boiling the bejeesus out of them.  You still get the crunch and a lot more flavor.

5.)   Hot Dogs:  Kahn’s are the family favorite (Thanks to Ryan’s family), but any dogs’ll do.  Also pairs well with a beer or eight.

4.)   Hamburgers:   Homemade is the way to go here, JTM’s are good if you’re under a time constraint.  No one beats Mom’s burgers.

3.)   Ribs:  Beef or Pork, but you gotta have some time to prepare and to cook.  Great for those lazy Sunday afternoons.

2.)   Chicken:   I found the best bar-b-q sauce in the world, the only thing is that I kinda got drunk and don’t remember what kind it was.  I know it was Kroger brand, and that it was some sort of a mustard base……….if anyone can offer suggestions that would be great…..I wish I could remember…..

1.)   Steak:  Of course, any man’s #1.  There is no wrong way to make a steak, marinated or naked, it’s all good.  Especially naked…….Hilarious | 502: Bad gateway

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